Stop Panic Attacks Permanently? I’ll Show You How

While a panic attacks are purely of the mental realm, its symptoms are physical ones. Loss of appetite or nervous stomach, palpitations (rapid heartbeat), cluster headaches or migraines, general feeling of malaise, trembling, excessive sweating, sour stomach, or nausea are all types of physical manifestations the sufferer must endure. The following are 5 techniques used to reduce the severity and length of an anxiety bout as well as a way to stop panic attacks now and forever.  If all five of the methods are followed, it will be strong deterative measure to future anxiety.


The continual ups and downs of blood sugar levels, either from eating sugary snacks or waiting too long between meals (don’t skip meals!) can easily summon an episode.  The influencer to stopping panic attacks with diet is to commit to a basic, healthy plan:  Eat nutritious food, preferably fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Use nuts and dried fruit (like a trail mix treat) to munch on between meals.  Avoid foods that are overly processed or contain caffeine. Drink alcohol in moderation.

Use Positive Thoughts

Choose to manipulate your thoughts. Challenge anxiousness. Invite situations that may cause anxiety or panic attacks. It may seem counterintuitive, but psychologically it will help you to challenge and overcome your fears. Being fearless during your difficult moments will help you stop panic attacks even as they are happening.

Find a Hobby

Doing something fun is a welcomed diversion. Playing an instrument, word turning, painting, drawing, singing in a choir, stamp collecting and thousands of other pursuits help you kill the time and take your mind away from stressful mental states.

Work Out

I’ve used a regular work out routine to effectively stop panic attacks as it helps to reduce daily stress, known to be a major cause of anxiety attacks. Even “easy” exercises like walking, biking or light calisthenics for 20 minutes a day helps to release stress toxins in the body and mind.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do – it doesn’t require you to attend a class or join a gym.  Search around the web, find a book or DVD with basic yogic postures.  Use the time to meditate and calm your mind. If you’re really not in to yoga, a simple stretching routine will perform wonders.  If you’re more spiritual, prayer might be used instead.  Whichever route you choose, both will help you stop anxiety before it overpowers you. I’ve used yoga’s breathing exercises to stop panic attacks immediately. For absolute relief (and not just treating the symptoms as drugs do), you need to choose a natural remedy method. As a  former, long-time sufferer, take my success and apply these techniques. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Lance Henry was a long-time panic and anxiety sufferer until he decided to take control and get off of habit-forming anti-anxiety meds.

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