swissgirlDesigns Stamp Collection + Giveaway

Here we finally go: swissgirlDesigns is having a brand new clear stamp collection coming out on March 20th!!!!! But until then, we are still having fun with the countdown on the blog you can find the stamps here GIVEAWAY RULES: xoxo, rahel
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14 Responses to “swissgirlDesigns Stamp Collection + Giveaway”

  1. slhambyful says:

    I couldn’t post a comment on your blog either, but I did tweet about your new stamps! my twitter feed is @lovely1

  2. papierflakes says:

    really cool new stamps! Congratulations! 😉

  3. mitzister says:

    I can’t upload my comment in your website. =(

  4. iluvmusic375 says:

    Your rabbit is soo well behaved! Is he a mini lop? He looks like one but my mini lop is not cuddly like this at all :(

  5. neddie58 says:

    I love giveaways and congrats!!!!!!

  6. msfuhlhage says:

    Hey Rahel! I can’t get my comment to post on your site. I love the new stamps! I posted about you and the stamps on my facebook status! Hopefully it pops up on your news feed and that it brings some new viewers!!

  7. SAHMMilitaryWife says:

    I love all your videos :) You and your bunny are so cute!

  8. Peots3Ps says:

    Wow! Great Giveaway and fabulous new set of stamps! You are so talented and it definately shows!
    It won’t let me post my link, so I’ll send you a short sweet message! Go Girl, Go!!!

  9. ponythesinner says:

    I dont know why my comment didnt appear on your site :(
    love your work SOOO much. You ‘re an artist without a doubt.

    X from Spain :)

  10. speckalou says:


  11. felkatz80 says:

    @mmarlasinger its one man short.. her hubby! i bought the CD online!! :)

  12. mmarlasinger says:

    cutest stamps!!
    beautiful song, what is it?

  13. TheCatlover90 says:


  14. TheCatlover90 says:

    your rabbit is the cutes thing! <33333

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