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3 Tips on How to Start Coin and Stamp Collecting in Torrance

Torrance is a pleasant city situated in the southwestern part of Los Angeles, California. The weather condition is pleasant with all the glowing presence of the sun. It holds one of the most popular schools in the country, not only because of its superb quality of education but also because it has been a popular […]

Stamp Collecting in Channel Island

People have different hobby. They can dedicate their free time to anything that makes them interested and happy. As such, the choice of hobby of any person will also tell a lot about his or her personality. An athletic person will spend the pastime playing sports and games. The creative ones will devote their time […]

Why Not Join a Chicago Stamp Collecting Club?

People from all walks of life will always find some profitable if not gratifying hobby to engaged with. This is according to the study in the U.S. conducted to some 100 people who were interviewed according to the kind of hobbies they are currently engaged with. Nearly 86.3% responded that they are into collecting, where […]

How to Keep Stamps Fine-and-Dandy!

Collecting stamps, for some people, is more than just a hobby—it’s a lifestyle. In fact, the world has been witness to decades upon decades of stamp collecting. Case in point: the American Philatelic Society (APS) with its 44, 000 members—the biggest membership in the entire world—was founded as early as 1886. The passion for collecting […]

Tips on Collecting Canadian Stamps

Stamp is one of the most popular hobbies among Canadians. Canada has great respect on Stamp collecting which dates back to as early as the 17th century. Canadian Stamp collecting is no different than stamp collecting of other countries. The only difference is that, most Canadian stamps depict intense social issues and such is one […]

Art Collectibles as Hobbies in the Form of Stamps and Coins

Life is an art. And so goes a saying. But where people find things of profound interests, experts say that it is a form of art as well. By definition, when an object is considered as a work of art, it simply means that the object is the result of a creation of an item […]

Amazing Stamp Collecting In America

Stamp research is called Philately. Many Americans become drawn to this large field of research. This attraction with stamps and all of the history concerning them has started a hobby connected to philately, which is stamp collecting. Normally, stamp collecting starts by acquiring a few stamps and choosing a certain type of stamp that the […]

Stamp Collecting Can Be Great Fun

Stamp collecting can be a fun activity not only for older people but also for kids. A person can have a pleasurable experience collecting a variety of stamps that he may find in plain binders or get through the mail. Many people find it to be a very interesting hobby. For someone starting out, he […]

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