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Thousands of postcards tell a story

Thousands of postcards tell a story Once upon a time, every town, building and business was immortalized on a small cardboard rectangle. Those past landmarks live on in a Fridley man’s massive collection. Read more on Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune Now the Features presentation Robert Fulton Examiner Correspondent Tennessee band does their own thing, heads […]


A few nice stamp collector images I found: Postcards Image by _cobb A postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without an envelope and at a lower rate than a letter. Stamp collectors distinguish between postcards (which require a stamp) and postal […]

Wilson Portrait Postcards, ca. 1912-1916

Image taken on 2010-02-15 13:22:23 by Cornell University Library.

Bryan-Kern Postcards, ca. 1908

Image taken on 2010-02-15 13:42:56 by Cornell University Library.

Bryan-Kern Portrait Postcards, ca. 1908

Image taken on 2010-02-15 14:27:20 by Cornell University Library.

5 Ways to Humanize Interaction With Personalized Postcards

Even with postcard printing services that automate your direct mail marketing, you should still put considerable effort in your campaign. Unlike flyers or brochures, your postcard is intended to be seen as a personal correspondence between you and your customer more than a mere advertisement. Here are a few tips on how to personalize […]

Theodore Roosevelt Postcards

Image taken on 2010-02-15 14:25:32 by Cornell University Library.

William H. Taft-Sherman Portrait Postcards

Image taken on 2010-02-15 12:33:07 by Cornell University Library.

Scenic Postcards and Tiger Stamps

Since the mid-1800s, postcards have been a popular way for travellers to keep in touch with their families and friends back home. Originally patented by an American man from Philadelphia named John P. Carlton, postcards are now a favorite souvenir around the world. When travelling, it is usually possible to buy postcards with scenes, cartoons, […]

William H. Taft Photographic Postcards, ca. 1911

Image taken on 2010-02-15 13:32:24 by Cornell University Library.

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