Tell You Singaporean Native Customs and Practices

Singapore International Film Festival is held in April every year, which attracts thousands of fanatic fans coming here. Shia LaBeouf Provide You How to Match Blood Pressure Monitor It is a best time to admire the excellent films from all over the world, including the film from America, Britain, and the excellent opera, the news on-scene report and the comedy from China. Expert shopping Trend Bible: links of london charms

Singapore Food Festival, probably there are very few things as food that can attract Singaporeans to go out of the houses, and this festival also confirmed this. However, this annual gourmet festival not only attracts Singaporean people, but lots of visitors from all over the world will come and enjoy local and delicious delicacies of Singapore every July. You can enjoy cuisines of international flavors, as well as local delicacies.

Special promotion, exhibition and providing delicate food are the most significant items in this season for this travel chance, converged eastern and western top cooking skills, and it will last about a month. Singapore International Fashion Festival. One month-long Singapore International Fashion Festival will release a variety of colorful new clothes with highly innovation and unique style. The festival opens up to the mess besides the trade to make everyone know the trend. The designers are the charming stars in the festival. Arts and Culture Festival, Singapore in the past was only a major port city, but now has become the world capital of art, it is in the crossroad of East and West. Artists who have internationally renowned titles often “patronize,” on the numerous stage, nowadays the popular performing groups take Singapore as their road show.

Museum lovers can visit the art, stamp collecting, history, culture, maritime, aviation and many other exhibitions. If you want to see performance with more energy, you can watch the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Singapore Dance Theatre, Theatergoers, and performances by other performing arts groups which held regularly. Spring Festival, when the Spring Festival is approaching, the lights are hanging along the street, and it is in a boom. At this time, small vendors have also begun selling a variety of traditional holiday gifts, such as tender willows, small citrus trees, plum blossoms and a variety of snacks such as pork. Red and gold decorations which symbolized auspicious can be seen everywhere in the stores; Dance Lion’s pounding on drums is loud, according to the legend, it can scare “monster” away. Christmas. Christmas scene in Singapore is very spectacular, in the most eye-catching festival celebration; thousands of lanterns decorate the main commercial district of Orchard Road into colorful embellishment. To win the “best decorated building,” restaurants and shops along the street are decorated with new look.

Singing poetry on the streets and other special form of charitable activities also add Christmas atmosphere. The religious of holiday waves leisurely, the church will hold special activities on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to celebrate this holiday. Deepavali Day, or known as the Festival of Lights, is the festival to celebrate the light conquers darkness, justice beats the evil. Deepavali Day marks the coming of “Indian New Year”, usually they celebrate by lighting on Deepavali Day. During the period, people go to the temple to pray, of course, each family brings delicious festival food, and Little India’s temples and streets are decorated with lights and garlands, together with the colorful arches, the whole temple is especially dazzling. When Qu Yuan drowned himself in the river, fishermen did everything to save him. This behavior at that time has evolved into a symbol of today`s Lantern Festival, that is, dragon-boat racing. In Singapore, the most outstanding part of the Dragon Boat Festival is the Dragon Boat Festival International Race in East Coast Park. In this annual festival, dragon boat teams from around the world gather here to try it. Small stalls around the venue will sell a variety of souvenirs and snacks, and among them the delicious bacon dumpling is the most popular.

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