Tips That Can Help Boost Your Income – Choosing Your Education Course Wisely

At some point in your life you are likely to consider undertaking some sort of further learning course, workshop or home study to enhance your skill set. Some choose to go for something creative; maybe garden design, creative writing, yoga or knitting. Others choose cookery, mechanics, model building or stamp collection. But how about choosing something that’s also going to help you secure a pay rise?

Studies at the University of Sheffield have demonstrated that those individuals who undertake vocational courses that are career-related (and that are undertaken in their own time) can boost their salaries by anything up to 23%. The key things to remember are:

– The vocational course you choose needs to demonstrate your personal commitment to your career. So funding it and completing it should really come from you and out of your own time and money. Whilst it may have an indirect impact on the quality you bring to your work, the real benefits will be personally realised.

– You need to be able to see the correlation between the course you have completed and the positive influence it will have on your ability to do your job (either current or future). Imagine yourself in the shoes of your current or future employer. What benefits can you see this course bringing to their organisation?

So, what different types of courses are out there? Below a range of courses are listed, to give you a flavour of the sort of thing you can sign yourself up for:

Management skills: Fancy being the person giving the orders rather than receiving them? Sharpen your leadership skills on a one-day course on director development. Try Reed Learning or the Institute of Directors for ideas.

Starting your own company: Take a look at how entrepreneurs run their businesses successfully and how they operationalise the most risk-free routes possible. PTP’s Training and Marketing programmes are a good place to start.

Presentation and Public Speaking: Signing up for a class that can help curb nerves, improve vocal projection and even teach you how to add humour into your presentations or speeches. There are hundreds of courses all over the country on presentation skills. Hot Courses is a good place to start your search.

Think creatively: Helping you with innovation, brainstorming and problem solving; thinking creatively is a great way to add value to a team. Try a 5-day course with Introduction to Creative Processes at Central Saint Martin’s College, London.

Get Digital: A crash course in social media will help move your business or team into the digital world. Try

Have fun!!

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