Want To Save Your Marriage? Heres How

Before embarking on the long and challenging journey of repairing your relationship, you have to delve deep into your soul and be absolutely certain that you want to save your marriage.
Although the task ahead can be difficult and sometimes emotionally draining, if you have committed yourself to succeeding then you can turn things around. So, do you still want to save your marriage? Heres how…

Have a long hard think about how things in your marriage are now.

Can you see yourself with your spouse in 2 years time? 5 years time?

If the answer is no, then going ahead with trying to repair things for whatever reason would be fruitless.

If the answer is yes, then keep reading!

Once you have committed yourself to fixing your relationship, there can be no thoughts of seperation, divorce etc. This will only be counterproductive to your cause.

Accept that you will have to implement some changes. If you are the one that wants the majority of change, then you have to also accept that most of the effort to get these changes happening will be coming from you.

For example, if you are house proud, you do what is necessary to get it up  to your standards. You wouldn’t ask someone else to do it.

Talk, talk, talk. Get to know each other. You may think you already do, but as with most relationships that experience problems, it is common for people to slowly drift apart over time.
And people do change as they get older. Their interests and hobbies change.
Get involved, and if they want to share it with you, take an interest – even if stamp collecting isnt your thing.

Marriage counselling. It is something that a lot of married couples try to avoid but it really can be a very useful and important tool to getting things back on track. Sometimes it helps just to have a third party there to keep things in perspective or to stop emotions getting out of hand. Someone to mediate, if you like.

Remember, all marriages have their ups and downs. It means you are in a normal relationship.
Perfect relationships do not exist and marriage is something that has to be worked at constantly.Things change, people change. There has to be give and take and compromise from both people. If you didnt have down times, you wouldnt know how good the good times are!

It will be hard, but if you want to save your marriage, all the hard work will be a thing of the past when you and your spouse are living a healthy happy relationship again.

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