what is the best way to sell an extensive stamp collection?

Question by deepseas72: what is the best way to sell an extensive stamp collection?
I recently inherited my dad’s stamp collection. It is very thorough. I would like to sell the collection and put the funds toward my student loan. Dad never cataloged the collection, but said it had an approximate value of $ 14,000. I recently bought the EZ Stamp program to begin cataloging everything, but it is such a daunting task…there are more than 15 very full albums, as well as thousands of envelopes of extra duplicate stamps. I am completely overwhelmed, but I want to get a reasonable amount for everything. Help!

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Answer by xangelheidix
ebay!!!!!!!!!! make a starting price. and you can put a reserve on too.

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  1. kaibigslick says:

    Ebay, or an antiques auction…it well sell much better there.

  2. Engr. Z.A.idi says:

    Go for an open auction.. Give an ad in the local papers and make a starting price.. say $ 20,000.. i think you’ll have a better response.. Atleast you’ll be able to know the worth of your stamps..

  3. Stealth555 says:

    You may want to contact a stamp dealer under the guise of getting the collection appraised for insurance purposes. They would probably give you a more honest appraisal. After you have that, you will have a better idea how much to sell it for.

    After you get the appraisal, you can then ask them how you might go about selling it. I would not mention your desire to sell until after the appraisal, however.

  4. Vas P says:

    You can try to contact a stamp dealer.

    But it usually is not for free!
    Standart fee for Expertizing $ 10-$ 20 per 1 item (if Current Catalogue value $ 1,000 or less or if item is not in catalogue). Or 2% of the current catalogue value (for stamps valuable than $ 1,000)…

    So, I think it better to learn what you have before.
    Most of stamps are worth 5 to 20 cents each. Even 100-year-old stamp could worth less than 1 dollar.

    You need to get (buy) stamp catalogues and find your stamps there.
    After this you can sort your stamps as a rare (which you suspect as a rare) and rubbish. (which definitely worth less than $ 1).

    to find the value of your US stamps try http://www.findyourstampsvalue.com

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