What is the future of stamp collecting? Will it be a hobby of older people?

Question by Terry 81: What is the future of stamp collecting? Will it be a hobby of older people?
It seems to me that so few ppl write letters these days using stamps and that interest in stamps and collecting them are also competing with the internet and video games. Your thoughts? I will continue to collect stamps for fun, but am not sure that they will be a good investment if the number of collectors fall.

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Answer by Sunny
Don’t buy stamps and expect them to make your fortune, or even enable you to break even. Yes, it is possible to buy stamps and sell them for a profit, but it is by no means a simple or a guaranteed process.

Stamps are just pieces of paper and they have no value unless there is a willing buyer who selects them from among all the other available choices at the time that you want to sell them. As mentioned above, a stamp’s value is dependent on condition, quantity available, and desirability in the current market.
Many people might buy gold coins; a much smaller market exists for stamps in general, and even smaller markets for some stamps in particular. There are much more sensible places to put money that you hope will bring you a future return, but for those who love them, stamps bring a great deal of immediate return in the form of pure enjoyment.
I have been a stamp collector for years strictly for fun and never for an investment.

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  1. kk_sam says:

    Hi i’m Sam from Malaysia. In Malaysia, collecting stamps is less popular now, very few of my friends have the same hobby. I guess it’s the rising cost of collecting as one of the main reason people don’t collect. Even myself collect fewer stamps, for new issues, i only buy those that i like, so i skip issues i don’t like. But i’m obsessed with older issues, particularly the North Borneo dated back 1900s. It’s kind of hard to invest in stamps, just for the fun.

  2. stampsclub.info says:

    I know some Jung people interested in collecting stamps. I can see some reasons due to is collecting stamps rare hobby. For example expensive postage – I think it could be much more cheaper or let the post office make an special price for philatelists registered in clubs.

    I hope philately will become “cool” in future :) . Also for this reason I use web page for all collectors – http://www.stampsclub.info

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