What’s the best way to sell a stamp collection?

Question by Mikaela: What’s the best way to sell a stamp collection?
I’ve recently come across an old stamp collection of my mom’s. It’s a children’s book so all the stamps are attached to the pages. It’s not complete, but it is sorted by country. What’s the best way to go about selling this? If I remove the stamps from the book, what’s the best way to store them?

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3 Responses to “What’s the best way to sell a stamp collection?”

  1. ctt says:

    stamps are pretty worthless

  2. thejanith says:

    I’d suggest you keep it. If it does not interest you, it may interest your mom’s grandkids or great-grandkids.

    If you insist on selling it, there are some questions to answer. How old is it? Would an antique shop be an appropriate venue? If not, phone a local stamp collecting supplies shop and ask them if they handle consignment items. If not, ask them where they would recommend you try to sell this.

  3. zipknitter says:

    First, don’t take the stamps off the pages. If you don’t know what you are doing you can destroy any value the stamps might have. You can easily scalp the stamps without experience. Scalping is tearing loose part of the paper on the back of the stamp and it can happen very easily. Many collectors won’t want just the loose stamps, they have more value being in the book, no matter what kind or shape it is in. My cousin is an avid collector and no one in his group will buy a stamp collection if it isn’t in a book unless all of the loose stamps are in glassine envelopes (a special kind of paper) and catalogued.
    Contact a stamp and coin shop in your area and ask them who they would suggest to look at the book and see if it does have any value. It may or may not and if it doesn’t, then it might be worthwhile just to put it aside and save for future generations as a family momento. Be wary of trying to sell it online or on craigs list because you just might have stamps that are rare and can let it go for zilch because people will tell you it’s worthless just to get it. Many people think stamp collecting is worthless, but my last collection that was stolen was valued at many thousands of dollars and I didn’t have that many rare ones.
    If you absolutely are not into collecting, you might donate it to a kids club so some member might be able to start their lifelong love of collecting stamps. I’ve done that with 2 collections I’ve gotten at auctions and you can take a tax write off for it too, so can make some money that way. You have many choices so hope you make the one that’s best for you.

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