Where do I find the value on my foreign stamp collection?

Question by Peter: Where do I find the value on my foreign stamp collection?
I have inherited a large stamp collection (1,500+) from my family. The stamps vary widely, but are mostly from the early 1900s to the 1960s. The majority of the stamps are old foreign issues, countries also range widely. I have absolutely no clue of the value of this collection. I did some research but with so many stamps I cannot find the time to evaluate the entire collection. Should I use an appraiser? Thanks,

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Answer by curtisports2
A true appraisal costs money, and is probably going to cost more than what the collection is worth. 1,500 sounds like a lot to you, but that’s a pretty small collection, actually.

If you want to keep it, then you’ll find the time to look them up in a Scott’s World Stamp catalog, which most public libraries carry.

If you want to sell, take it to at least three local stamp dealers. They pay a small percentage of what the catalog values are, because the vast majority of stamps are common, not worth a lot, and there is not much demand for them. If you really want to sell, go with the best offer, but don’t be surprised or insulted if the offers are low, or a dealer declines to make an offer. Stamp collecting is nowhere near as popular as it was two generations ago. Values, except for the rarest stamps, have gone nowhere.

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