Whose Line UK – Stamp Collecting Rap

Performers: Mike McShane, Ryan Stiles, George McGrath, and Greg Proops From Season 3 Compilation 2

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10 Responses to “Whose Line UK – Stamp Collecting Rap”

  1. DonReedProductions says:

    Whose line is funny stuff. Even better when they mix music with one of my hobbies.

  2. frements says:

    i like mc grath he really underated just like a lot of the performers but he looks like hes in a new wave band dont cha think

  3. LewieGee says:

    hahaha greg proops is so funny.

    gangsta hairstyle, greg!

  4. SquishyK says:

    Bah, ha… Gotta love that early ’90s rap music.

    Loved Mike with the hat.

  5. SormaNo3 says:

    Most likely someone in the audience who happened to wear a hat to the taping.

  6. Ninski says:

    Who gave Mike the hat?

  7. kd11902 says:

    gotta love gangsta greg or proop dog

  8. Tangoratsfan says:

    ah right, well atleast he got chip going lol cheers x

  9. SormaNo3 says:

    I don’t know who George is except that he did some TV show here in America in the 80’s (called “On the Television,” I think) which also had Chip Esten on it and that he’s apparently the one who got Chip on WL.

  10. Tangoratsfan says:

    hehe I love greg proops, especially when he goes all gangsta for want of a better description lol =] thanks for putting all these up, but who IS george mcgrath lol

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