Why I Love Writing Articles Online

Today the online world of internet has been taken by bloggers and authors who love to write articles online. Gone are the conventional ways when writing for magazines and newspaper columns was the only good way to express your opinion to people. The count of readers on internet will surely exceed the number of people who like to still read the in the conventional media. Newspapers all over the world have been seen declining subscriptions and most have also switched to an online version of their news, articles or latest stories to retain users and earn money.

You need not be an expert to write articles on the internet, in fact several websites will publish your articles for free and gladly publicize them too. A lot of these websites offer revenue sharing programs with their authors where you are not contributing articles for nothing, in fact you even get a chance to earn money out of them using various advertising platforms like Adsense. Blogs are another good way to write articles on the internet and are free too. Blogs can also help you earn money, all you do is write articles, publish them and use any advertising platform they support.

Lets take an example, say you create a website on travel, then your blog or website should contain the word ‘travel’ therefore the web users who visit your website know that the articles written on your website are related to travel and tourism. Similarly if you like writing articles on technology then it may be good to use the word ‘tech’ in your domain name or blog.

Honestly it is not easy to write articles every day if you are already, but writing a few good articles every week is quite manageable. But individuals who stay at home like housewives, stay at home moms and retired citizens can devote more time to write articles of their choice. Never copy your articles from elsewhere because duplicate articles will be eliminated by search engines. Additionally, it is a good idea to take care of small things like the keyword density in your articles. The title of your article should be attention grabbing and the main content of the body at least 500 words.

Again, there is no magic way to earn lot of money on the internet. It takes lot of time and patience before your work is recognized by others and people start to visit your website. This is also the reason that article directories have been very successful lately. They gladly publish your article and since same site is used by many authors, they already have the traffic needed.

I personally like to write articles about finance, technology, travel and writing. You need not take generic topics like I do, in fact there is lot of competition in them and people usually do not do well. If you select a specific topic like stamp collection, local events etc.. The reason for selecting a localized topic is that there are not many people competing for that topic. I have been writing articles for the last two years and trust me its fun. It take a while to start writing articles but soon enough you get into the habit of writing and do a much better job.

I am an online author who likes to write tourism articles on the internet. I also like to submit articles for money and encourage others to do so.

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