Your Hearing Aid Helping You Get Out Of Social Situations

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We’ve all had those moments where we’ve been stuck in a work meeting, a forced social gathering or a really awkward date where we couldn’t wait to leave. Worst of all, when you have to feign interest at a social event and smile through stories that you would do anything to forget. While most of us don’t have much of a recourse, and have to suffer through the agony of being alert, smiley and attentive when we would rather be anywhere else, the lucky few who wear hearing aids can always use it as an excuse to tune out and will never be considered rude. Obviously, you should not abuse the privilege of tuning people out, but it can come in handy when you are forced to accompany your spouse to her Christmas party and have to listen to the boss recount his stamp collection in sordid detail.


The key is to initially draw attention to your hearing aid so that the person that you are talking to knows right off the bat that you are hard of hearing so that later on in the conversation if you ask them to speak up or have to excuse yourself, they will know why. If you find yourself in a sticky situation or a mind-numbingly boring conversation simply point to your hearing aid and say “I’m sorry the battery must have died, I can not hear a word your saying.” Then, politely excuse yourself before the other person can even doubt or question you. It is important that if you employ this tactic you are consistent throughout and that should you meet other guests you apologize for a faulty battery as you don’t want to be found out.


Make sure that your hearing aid is slightly visible so that the guests that approach you will see that you have trouble hearing and it may deter them from talking to you. The consequence however, is that you may spend the duration of the party alone at the bar with no one to talk to as you’ve alienated the guests. The choice as to whether its worth it is up to you and of course determined by how truly awful the ambiance is. There is no sense in cutting yourself off from a party or fun social event but if you find that you are being asked awkward questions or don’t feel like having the conversation at hand, simply point to your hearing aid and apologize.

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