Your Love Life is It Full of Life or Lonely Nights?

Your Love Life is It Full of Life or Lonely Nights?

Your once exciting love life has slipped into the rut of lonely nights. This is a problem that’s all too common. Its slips up on you like a thief in the night. You never see it coming. You talk of the things you used to do and how much fun it was.

Buts that’s as far as it ever goes. It goes something like this, before we were married we used to do this and we always did that, but now all we do is…Your love life is caught in limbo from where you used to be to where you are now.

Its time for you to bridge the gap from the fun you two used to have together before marriage to the we should have done this or that rut you’re living in now.

To have a good love life you need to keep it fresh.

Keep it exciting and mysterious, be a master of spontaneity.

How do I keep my love life fresh?

What ever you did to get your spouse in the beginning you need to keep doing the same things to keep them.

If you met while you were fishing and became fishing buddies and you always had a great time, and now 5 or 10 years later all you do is sit around and watch TV and eat potato chips and you’re stuck in the going to aunt Martha’s for dinner rut on the holidays, thusly the life and excitement has been drained out of your love life.

Thank God for aunt Martha and her cooking but she just can’t compete with a stringer full of crappy and a sunny spot at the lake.

Since you both loved to fish together in the beginning, then pull the lever on the easy boy recliner and get your feet back on the ground/ Get your rods and reels, and your tackle and get your butts out the door.

You know what we tried it and we had a ball!

You see there now you’re excited and you can’t wait to get back to that lake again and wet a hook.

Fishing is just an example in this scenario but you get the point. What ever you found exciting in the beginning do it again over and over. Whether it was making out in the back seat or stamp collecting, just do what you two loved to do and enjoy it.

Now if you’re Bonnie and Clyde that don’t mean go out and start robbing banks again.

But find yourselves something that you like to do whether its putt putt, bowling, four wheeling, parking in the woods and making love in the back seat, car shows, the beach or what ever it may be, just do something fun and do it often.

Do something that you haven’t done before. Having all this new found or rekindled fun in your spare time is going to flood over into your private time as well.

What can I do in my private time that I haven’t done before?

You can stay awake for starters. To have a love life like you’ve never had, you need to do things that you’ve never done.

If you don’t have an imagination, buy yourself some DVDs that will illustrate what you can do and how to do it.

Stoke the embers until they become a roaring blaze setting your love life on fire. There’s gona be a whole lot of ginning going on.

Remember do what ya’ll love and love what ya’ll do. You’re a team so keep each others fires lit.

So do something different and passionate today. Do it in a different place and in a different way.

6-11-2010 Friday 2:243 pm Timothy Edward Wilhelm

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